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Warman's Jewelry

5th Edition ​by Christie Romero.

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Pamela Wiggins Siegel

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When she's not buying and selling collectible jewelry and ladies accessories, Pamela works as a freelance writer focusing primarily on topics of interest to jewelry collectors and antiques enthusiasts. She has written for many publications and periodicals including Antique Trader and Numismatist, along with a number of regional publications like Where GuestBook New York. Her articles appear on several online sites including,, and She served as the antiques expert for (now for almost two decades, and has been interviewed on topics relating to antiques and collectibles in venues ranging from magazines to radio to television. 

Learn more about her work and read her articles through these venues:

COLLECTING WITH KIDS - Based on her long-running Heritage Magazine for the Intelligent Collector column, Pamela's latest book for Krause Publications was introduced in 2016. This book helps adult mentors introduce children to the fun and educational hobby of collecting. Click on the link below to order your copy of Collecting with Kids: How to Inspire, Intrigue and Guide Young Collectors via  

WARMAN'S COSTUME JEWELRY - After writing the introduction to Warman's Jewelry 5th Edition, Pamela embarked on this title devoted entirely to collectible costume jewelry. Order a signed copy of Pamela's latest book by clicking on the pink link above.

COSTUME JEWELRY COLLECTORS INT'L - As the co-founder of Costume Jewelry Collectors Int'l (CJCI), Pamela assists in organizing conventions as well as writing educational articles and editing the organization's website.

HERITAGE MAGAZINE FOR THE INTELLIGENT COLLECTOR - Pamela's regular column, Kids and Collecting, encourages and inspires adult collectors to mentor youngsters who show an interest in collecting.